We also collaborate with Rim Literacy to improve our kids reading skills. In addition to that, our dedicated volunteers help with homework everyday to ensure that the kids never feel overwhelmed. Our goal is to create a nurturing enviornment, where kids can thrive and become their best selves. 

Rim Country Literacy offers after school reading for children in grades K-4.  Children attend for a 20 minute session twice a week.  The Rim Literacy volunteers work with the children in small groups or one-on-one.  Children read digital and print books based on their reading level.  Kindergartners work on building their literacy skills.


Help us to continue to provide opportunities for children in Payson to learn and grow. Please consider making a tax credit donation to support our program.

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Children are given a mandatory 20 minutes each day which can be a huge relief for busy parents and ensures they are getting the support they need. Staff and volunteers are there to offer assistance if necessary, taking the pressure off of parents to ensure their children's academic success. 


On Mondays after school, kids participate in dance class with Susan. They're currently learning new dances to showcase their moves in upcoming recitals. It is a fun activity that keeps them active and engaged. We are excited to see their performances and how much they have improved each week.  

As we have been back in session close to a month now, There are a lot of new faces in the program. Not only do we welcome Kindergarteners but also kiddos of various ages ranging from 6 to 14.
We have a new Director, Amanda Holland and new Assistant, Hannah Lowe. They have very much enjoyed these past few weeks getting to know the kiddos, playing kickball and arts & crafts.

Currently we have a variety of activities in the calendar to start out the school year strong! 


We have regular arts and crafts activities. It is a great way to encourage creativity and self expression in our children. The kids enjoy participating in drawing, painting and photography. Through these opportunities, the kids gain confidence and get to showcase their talents. 


Our children enjoy play time and we use this opportunity for character building. Through play, they learn to treat each other, adults and their surroundings with respect. It's just another way that we strive to create a positive and nurturing enviornment for our kids.


PCK is also offering STEM. Allowing children to choose between two different curriculums tailored to their grade levels and interests in order to keep them engaged and challenged. 

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