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It's important to understand the impact that your donation can have on organizations like Payson Community Kids. The Wallace Foundation estimates that a program serving 100 children a day for 15 hours a week requires a minimum of $6,920 a week with a staff ratio of 15:1. Since PCK is open for about 42 weeks a year, the estimated annual cost for the organization is around $290,640. While PCK relies mainly on volunteers, the cost is still around $100,000 a year. Donors and grants, as well as in-kind donations, are crucial to meeting the monthly expenses for electricity, salary for part-time employees, maintenance, program costs, and more. For further information, you can contact Suzy Tubbs at 928-978-3256.

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Help us to continue to provide opportunities for children in Payson to learn and grow. Please consider making a tax credit donation to support our program.
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