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Mailing address: PO Box 1856  Payson, AZ 85547

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* Summer Concert Series in the Park

7pm on ​Saturdays in June and July at Green Valley Park

* Katie's Closet at St Paul's Episcopal Church


​7/26 (back to school distribution)​​

​​After school

Payson Community Kids

"a place to belong"








​​​​​Why PCK matters

PCK began when Marcy Rogers discovered that children had no where to go after school.  What began as a group of just a few is now a full-scale program serving an average of 90 children a day, sometimes more.  Many of the children who attend are from low income or working poor families.

In Payson there is no "Y" program, nor any Boys and Girls Club.  There is only PCK as a year round program at no cost to those who attend.  

PCK is truly a place for children to belong.  MORE

Who we serve

The children who attend PCK are from family-situations referred to as "at risk." What this means is that often-times, children are not in a safe home situation, or do not live with both parents, or have other circumstances which would make them considered socially "at risk" in one degree or another.

This makes the services PCK provides even more crucial.  PCK serves as a place where children develop friendships, feel safe, encounter adults who nurture and care about them and engage in interesting and fun activities.  It is a program that helps children meet expectations of treating others kindly and striving to make good decisions.  

Thank YOU to all our sponsors and supporters!

Seasonal events

Help us continue to have a robust program that serves the children in Payson.  Make your tax credit donation today through PayPal or by check to PCK, PO Box 1856, Payson, AZ 85547.  Call for more information  928-478-7160.

Tax ID 03-0376861

PCK is a qualified charitable organization. Your donation qualifies for Arizona Tax Credit! Be sure to keep your receipt!


Tax ID 30-0376861

​​After school activities are the heart of PCK as it serves the children in the Payson community.  Activities include  tutoring, dance, Love On A Leash, STEM, Robotics, AZYP board games, organized outside games, to mention only a few.

Children receive a snack upon arrival and dinner before going home.


-University of Arizona has partnered with PCK and is now offering STEM & Robotics once per week!

-PCK is now the host of the Northern Youth Advisory Council, a leadership program for teenagers! 

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