The Rim Country Literacy Program (RCLP) and Payson Community Kids (PCK)  began working together nearly one year ago to jointly establish and implement a reading program at the PCK Center.  The partnership allows both programs to share grants and online programs...More

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Payson Community Kids Inc., is a 501(c)3 Non-profit organization that serves underserved children and their families residing in Payson, Arizona... More

                Call for Volunteers!

We will match your talents with the needs of our kids. From home assistance, Art, Exercise and much more. We need your help.

Please call  Dina Hershberger on 928-478-7160 Email:  

We are always looking for people...More

Volunteers needed! Please contact Dina on 928-478-7160...Enjoy the benefits of Arizona Charitable Tax Credit, donate now to PCK..Tour our facilities at 213 S. Colcord Rd and interact with the kids..Subscribe to our Newsletter!!!!!

"We give a hands up, not a hands out!" -PCK